Here at Maji Coffee, we’re passionate about helping our clients create a good cup of coffee. Creating the perfect coffee can feel like a difficult task as coffee has a sensitive nature. From sourcing to roasting, grinding to storing and how the quality keeps over time, there are a myriad of reasons a cup of coffee can be perfect or be subpar.

As a member of Speciality Coffee Association, Maji has attended exhibitions in different parts of the world: Khartoum, Istanbul and Budapest to enlighten our customers on preparing the best cup of coffee. We began as an inhouse supplier to one of the leading hotel chains in Ethiopia but, due to popular demand, began to expand and bring our coffee to aficionados around the world.

Maji is a unique, expert blend of 100% Ethiopian varied Arabica beans. With almost thirteen years of experience under our belts, the coffee connoisseurs at Maji Coffee have mastered the art of sourcing and roasting the finest selection to meet the taste of our unique blend.

We never shelf our coffee. Maji coffee is roasted and ground on the spot, which accounts for its consistent freshness and exquisite taste.

Whether you’re looking to take your establishment’s coffee service to the next level, want to create the ideal brew at home or anything in between, Maji Coffee are the ideal team to help you.

Our Tips on Brewing the Perfect Coffee:

Ensure the grounds are right for the way you make coffee. For example, a French Press needs to use coarse grounds to really bring out the flavour.

When Making Coffee with a Mokka or even an espresso machine, follow these tips:

  • Use Cold Water
  • Start With A Low Temperature And Heat Slowly
  • Let It Cool Fir At Least 90 Seconds Before Drinking
  • Warm Your Cup And Saucer
  • Enjoy An Unparalleled Coffee Experience

The experts at Maji Coffee take our customer service as seriously as we take our coffee. This is why we work so hard to make sure you’re satisfied. We’re a friendly, approachable team always looking to ensure your satisfaction.

If you’re interested in taking your coffee experience to the next level, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and take a look at our selection.